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Originally Posted by LittleRickyII
These recent episodes that have been airing were supposed to take place in 1967. It's bad enough that almost everyone is dressing in 1980s clothes and wearing 1980s hairstyles, but they can't even get historical facts straight. In an episode that aired in the last couple weeks, Laverne made a comment about Amelia Earhart's plane being lost "over 40 years ago." Earhart's plane disappeared in 1937. 1967 was just 30 years after that, not "over 40 years"! And the episode tonight, Carmine is traveling to New York. There's a shot of the Twin Towers. They weren't even completed until 1971! Construction on the first tower didn't even begin until l 1968!
There just wasn't much thought put into the writing of the show in general. L&S, along with Mork and Mindy, are the two prime examples I think of when it comes to the point that just because it's an old show doesn't mean it's classic TV.
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