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Originally Posted by PracTz
It says something about Mr. Mekka's character that he not only has happily worked with Miss Williams long after the show was over but also didn't seem to take any issue with the fact that Miss Williams misspelled his surname 'M-e-C-C-a' instead of 'M-e-K-K-a' in her tome. I know she didn't mean any harm but a little Googling [or even a phone call to Mr. Mekka before the final printing] wouldn't have hurt.

Actually, that is something that the author who assisted her with the book, David Smitheren should have taken care of. Or his assistant, the editor, the fact checker (person who is literally paid to take care of stuff like this), or a host of other people. I just hope that Eddie Mekka gained some career attention from the mention. He's a very talented performer and I'd like to see him do something more lucrative than summer stock musicals.

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