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Originally Posted by king of comedy
Shirley and Carmine were meant to be.
YES!!!! Shirley, who was my favorite, although I loved Laverne too, was actually the shallow one, looking back now on the old episodes. Laverne was written as sort of the 'shallow' roommate, always chasing men, and just out for a good time. She was in the here and now. Shirley was painted as the prim and proper type, the one who always did good. The one who always was in search of an everlasting 'love'. Laverne, looking back, was the deeper person of the two. She saw into peoples' hearts. Shirley was always looking for that one 'type' of man...namely, a doctor. She was always wanting to find a 'better class' of man, yet, every time she thought she found a higher society man, they were usually the sleaziest. She had her true love right under her nose the whole time...Carmine. Carmine was ALWAYS there for her. I think Shirley, deep down, knew this, and did love Carmine. However, she was raised with the deep sense of finding someone 'better'. To Shirley's mother, rich and 'classy' men were 'better'. Shirley fought that all her life. In the end, she got what she 'wanted'. She let a good man get away. Having said all this, Shirley is still my favorite, though I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laverne too.
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