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Originally Posted by burtnmary
LOVED Carmine and Shirley from the beginning. I was very young when the show started, yet I had a huge crush on Carmine. I wanted Shirley to end up marrying Carmine. I was so angry she married someone else. Shirley and Carmine were so cute together. Carmine was the BEST. He was always there to help. He helped the ladies get temp. jobs, he was there to get them out of danger, and he was Shirley's date much of the time.

I wonder if it's possible that one contributing factor re why Shirley married some uncreditted performer entirely swathed in bandages who never uttered a sound instead of Carmine may have been that at the start of the 8th Season, they weren't sure they'd be working with Miss Williams the rest of the season and, with things tense and up and in the air, they'd cover themselves regardless of whether Miss Williams was able to stay AND keep Mr. Mekka as a regular.
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