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Originally Posted by Bonniegirl
I agree!!

Yay! Glad someone agrees with me.Looking back, Carmine was a hero to Laverne and Shirley. He was always there to support them. I hated, I think in the 7th season, when Shirley was given the free wedding package, how Shirley ultimately treated Carmine. She only really wanted a big wedding splash, and sort of used Carmine to help her get what she wanted. When Carmine pulled her aside and scolded her for her approach in the matter, he then made a proclamation: He DID love her and DID want to marry her. Shirley ended up jilting Carmine at the altar. Not that I thought they were ready to get married right then, and in that way, mind you. I just hoped that Carmine/Shirley would have been endgame. I always found the writers to be unfair to the character of Carmine. He DID have feelings for his Angel Face. Yet Carmine was mainly used as a supporting character to further story, and to prop Shirley. I do think Shirley loved Carmine. It is just that she was obsessed with what 'type' of person she would end up marrying..a doctor. It would have been wonderful had the writers, at the last minute, written Shirley to realize that the love of her life had been right under her nose the whole time: Carmine.
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