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One of my favourites thats been discontinued is GOLDEN GRAIN MACARONI AND CHEDDER!!!!! (mmmmmmmmmmmmm it was my favourite mac and cheese of all time (Sadly the company sold that division of thier company in 1986)),4770606

Here is a commercial for it.. BRINGS ME TO TEARS!!

I also miss PRE-2000 M&Ms like crazy!!

I asked the company if they would consider using WATER instead of SKIM MILK.. (It wont taste as bad as it does with SKIM MILK) They didnt reply to me.... (No surprise)

I didnt realise how much they are trying to keep this in the dark until I found a WIKI page discussing M&M candies a couple years ago and ya know how you can edit the pages??

I added in that they changed all thier candy recipes IN THE YEAR 2000 to skim milk from reg milk (I didnt comment about the taste I just added that) and my comments were removed!! (Twice I added it and both times they were deleted) -- That told me right there!!!!!!

For a year MARS lied to me saying they didnt change anything.... THEY MUST THINK IM AN IDIOT THAT CANT READ OR TASTE ANYTHING!!! (they must think most are and dont like those like ME who dont take thier BS and stand up to them)
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