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-Wendy's salad bars. I'm guessing they got rid of these because they took up a lot of space in the restaurant. Also, the old Caesar side salads they had up until the mid-late 2000's. Now every salad they have has a bunch of nuts and fruit on it. Gross.

-Sweet Spots Cookies. flipping AWESOME small, circular shortbread cookies with a Heshey's kiss in the middle. Around in 1992 or thereabouts.

-Almost Home cookies. With the old-fashioned country home embroidered on the package, similar to Soft Batch.

-Giggles cookies.

-Peanut Butter putters, anyone remember these? A little before my time and I never had them, but they looked so good. Peanut butter and oats I believe, next to nothing about them on the internet.
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