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I had never heard of Pick Up Stix or Cracker Jack cereal, but they sound good.

My entries:

-Pillsbury frozen regular size blueberry waffles (unlike Eggo's, these actually had flavor to them)

- 123 Jello (3 layer, multi-variety jello)

-Doodads snack mix (if you turned the package upside down, it spelled "spapoop")

-Barnone candy bar. Sort of a cross between a Kit Kat and a Whatchamacalit, with no shortage of chocolate and crushed peanuts. Later versions contained caramel. Lots of people want this back.

-7 up bar. Never had this as it was before my time, but it sounds so good. Basically, a box of mix chocolates in candy bar form with 7 sections, each containing a different flavor. Discontinued because it reminded people too much of 7 up the drink.

-PB Maxx - another thing I didn't get to try, but really wanted to. Sort of like the shape of a Bun, but loaded with peanut butter and peanuts. Discontinued also because of a stupid reason: The Mars folks hated peanut butter.

-Pepperidge Farm Salzburg cookies: delightfully textured mocha cookie. Discontinued, but 80 million versions of the horrid Milanos are still around.

-Swanson fish tv dinner.

-Klondike NASCAR bars. Round klondikes with caramel and peanuts.

-The big Lunchables, with 2 meats, 2 cheeses, 2 types of crackers, a chocolate mint and a packet of Dijon mustard.

-Just Right and Clusters cereal

-Bubble Eez Bubble gum. The softest bubble gum ever, shaped in a big gumball, came 6 to a pouch and had the catchiest jingle in the recorded history of Planet Earth. Apparently discontinued because some packages contained traces of cocaine (?!)

-Cheez it Twists. Two flavors in one twisted cheez it.

-lots of flavors of Snapple, including Mint tea. Didn't try some of them because Snapple has always been hard to get in my area.

Not sure if these are still around, but Catherine Clark bread and Pepperidge Farm cheese sticks, the latter of which was flat out addictive.

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