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I've said it before on these boards and I will say it again--Cindy Williams is an all around class act! I went to see a play that she and Eddie are currently starring in locally, at the same theater they previously did a play six years ago.

I waited at the stage door after the show. Eddie came out first and was happy to sign a picture. Cindy came out a few minutes later and was extremely excited that I had a copy of her book to be signed. She said that it was officially the first copy she had signed. Eddie took a look at it, too, since he hadn't seen it before. Cindy flipped it over to the back cover for him to see the quotes, and she read the Harrison Ford one outloud: "A great read--I couldn't put it down. Not a word of it is true. Cindy Who?" Eddie said, "That's funny," and Cindy immediately said, "I know!"

She thanked me profusely multiple times, and even took a picture of me with her phone holding the book! I'm sure it came out horribly, but it's funny thinking that Cindy Williams has a picture of me in her phone. She chatted a bit more, before getting in the car with Eddie. And just like she did six years prior, she offered me a ride back to my car! I did not take her up on it, but she is so sweet to have offered.
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