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Default Where Were Laverne & Shirley in Season 7?

I don't know if this has been addressed, but I don't see it in the reviews or anything so thought I would ask...

Season 8 is of course famous for the absence of Shirley, among other characters, however...

What was the deal with so many S7 episodes featuring the Laverne & Shirley characters in such limited quantity? For instance E21, "Crime Isn't Pretty" basically L&S make a cameo at the beginning and not seen rest of the episode. Was this related to some sort of off-(or on-) set turmoil?

I've got these:
E6-Night at the Awards, mostly Lenny & Squiggy
E11-Love in the Tar Pits, again mostly Lenny/Squiggy
E13-Rocky Ragu-mostly Carmine
E18-Helmut Weekend-mostly Squiggy
E19-That's Entertainment-everyone BUT Laverne/Shirley though they are present for the opera finale (about 4 minutes or so)
E20-Lightning Man-Carmine, Lenny & Squiggy
E21-Crime Isn't Pretty-Frank & Carmine

That's about a third of the season! Noticeably, there's a stretch (E18-21) of four episodes in a row, which to me indicates something was going on in the background which caused the main characters to be written out for a time period.

Too much Squiggy in that season, of course his character is meant to be somewhat unlikable but that really doesn't work when he becomes the main character for weeks at a time.

Thoughts or insights?
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