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Originally Posted by PracTz
However; I was somewhat disappointed that the main narrative came to screeching halt right about the time Miss Williams and the show parted company shortly after she found herself in the family way. I'm not saying she needed to dish but such details as to how she and [her now ex] Mr. Hudson met, why she decided to marry him [in spite of a very public record re how his marriage to Goldie Hawn ended] , how her parents reacted, how her two now-grown children have fared (and whether they've had any interaction with their more famous half-sibs by Miss Hawn) all goes unmentioned. .
Bingo! Thank you for putting it in such an articulate manner. I know she's had a life since L&S ended and her marriage went under, but you'd never know it from this book. I like the generosity of her spirit in this book, but you can tell truths without wallowing in the mud. I wish she had talked more about her romantic relationships with David L. Lander and Henry Winkler and not spent so much time on Andy Kaufman.

I loved the beginning of the book, but I wish she had kept up the momentum and the honesty.

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