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Originally Posted by isiahthomas
Kendall Jenner is cute. Kourtney is older than Kim and Khloe? I didn't know that. I thought Khloe was the oldest. I got some pictures in my inbox of Kim Kardashian that forum member Reverend Jim posted for me and he gave me some hot pictures of her.
Yes Kourtney is the oldest, just a little bit older than Kim. ( They are close in age). Than Khloe is younger, than their brother Rob ( poor thing, he is nice looking, but gained a lot of weight, to me he is still handsome, but he has low self esteem and hides from the spotlight because of the weight gain )

Than a few years later the mother Kris, divorced their Dad, Robert Kardashian and married Bruce Jenner ( he was a big track and field star from the 1976 Olympics) . Than kendall and Kylie were born!

Since you have a lot of pics of Kim , I'll send you a couple more of Khloe!

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