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Originally Posted by isiahthomas
Thanks. Those are nice pictures. Kim Kardashian gets a lot of hate and i don't care because i love her. She's so cute and sexy. I love her body and her sister Khloe is cute too even though she's a little thick. I've heard some people say Khloe isn't cute but i disagree.
I am a Kardashian fan! I watch keeping up with the kardashian's all the time! I was going to start a fan thread on them in the reality show section here but I didn't because like you said lots of people hate Kim and her family, so I didn't! Of course Kim is beautiful, and I posted a pic of her half sister kendall the other day. Khloe is cute I think. She got a lot prettier lately. I like her hair lightened, made her face look prettier. The oldest sister kourtney (she is only 5'0' tall) is really pretty too, but more of a cute pretty being so tiny! Khloe is tall but a cute pretty too. Neither are as beautiful as Kim and kendall IMO! I love kourtney's children Mason and Penelope too, they are adorable!! The youngest sister Kylie is the least pretty IMO!!

I will find a pic of Khloe to post for you!!!

Here are all the sisters!!!

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