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OMG!! JFK Jr. was HOT!!!!! Weren't you in shock when he was killed in the plane crash? I was, I just couldn't believe it!

Jackie was a beautiful, stylish lady. My mother told me that she really brought style to the white house , very different from the former first ladies. Did you see The Butler? The part when JFK was killed was really emotional, tears were running down my cheeks. I had tears through a lot of that movie. OMG you could just feel Jackie's pain at losing her husband in that scene! Than they moved on to Lyndon Johnson, and a bit of comedic relief, they portrayed him as being a goof ball! I was very little when he was in office . Was he really goofy?

To Wawwee - Agreed , Richard Nixon wasn't eye candy at all!!! He was the first president I really remember well. And I can tell you I never had a crush on him!!! LOL!!! Than Ford, Carter and Regan , I just thought of them as old men! I guess Ronald Regan was nice looking in his younger days, being an actor and all. But he was way old when he became president. The Bush's weren't anything to look at either. So Clinton and Obama have been the best looking since Kennedy!

It would be interesting if we had the time to do it. Look at pictures of all the presidents from George Washington and down the line, and see if we could pick out any that might have been good looking. They all just seemed weird with the powered wigs and too old fashioned looking to really notice if they were good looking or not. LOL!!!

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