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Originally Posted by Wawwie
LOL.... I'll say this... in my lifetime, Bill Clinton was probably my favorite president and in my lifetime, Bill was probably the most handsome. The guy had a lot of charm...that's for sure! I loved him.... still adore Bill.... Hillary...not so much, but I do love me some Bill.
My mom LOVED JFK. She was heartbroken when he was assassinated and she was also heartbroken when Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. She did a lot of volunteer work for their causes.
When I was born, Richard Nixon was the president. That man was so NOT a hunk!

My high school graduation was the same day that Robert Kennedy was shot. So I remember it well. Jacqueline Kennedy was my "idol" back then. (still is , actually!) With all of their flaws they still were special. They brought youth, class and style to the White House which was sorely needed. Jackie did a marvelous job renovating the White House. My dad didn't like her but he did admit that she did a great service to our country. She was an invaluable asset to her husband(especially in foreign affairs) and he knew it. Well, sorry. I have turned this into a Jackie tribute but I adore her!
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