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Originally Posted by Wawwie
I liked Bill Clinton a lot as a president. He might be my favorite president of my life time. I wasn't alive when JFK was president. That being said, as much as I loved Bill Clinton as a president, I never found him hot. I don't find Obama hot either. The only president I think was hot was JFK. My mom met him at a TWU benefit. They had the same color hair and during the two or three minutes they talked, they joked about redheads!

That is so cool that your Mom met JFK!!! I was just born when he came into office, and than pretty much a baby when he was assassinated! I don't remember him at all except for that I so young, people my age being very interested in him and what a good man he was, and very sorry we were just born and never got a chance to know him as a president !

My mother LOVED him , and all the Kennedy's. And than when Robert ( Bobby Kennedy was killed) I was older and I remember my Mom and Dad and everyone so upset, and Martin Luther King being assassinated around the same time too!

But back to the crushes, I do have to admit, Bill Clinton has my vote, as the hottest president!

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