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Yes Peter was so adorable. I love a guy who is cute and goofy! (I am really liking Ponch on Chips for that reason)!

The episode where Peter thought he didn't have a personality!!! (The famous Bogart/pork chops and applesauce) . No way, he had a wonderful personality. He was for sure my favorite Brady!

Poor Jan, she really did have self esteem issues. Second daughter syndrome ! I am the second daughter in my family, but I am also the youngest , the baby of the family so it wasn't as bad for me. Back to Jan, they always portrayed Marcia as being so perfect! IMO as Jan got older in the later eps, she was just as pretty , maybe even prettier than Marcia! And accomplished, she landed that job at the ice cream parlor, and was a better worker than Marcia!! That was so cool!
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