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Originally Posted by Wawwie

Ok, I thought you were being mad at me for not picking Paul as number one. So I was confused. Sorry, I am a John Lennon fan. I pick him as number one singer and George as best looking, but I do think Paul did look very good at times. Ringo, not so much. And Ringo wasn't a very good singer. He wasn't a very good drummer either.
All in all, my favorite Beatle was John Lennon.
Now you can hate me seeing as how you are a huge Paul fan!

I could never hate a fellow Beatles fan! And I liked John a lot too! But I've always had a lot of respect for Paul . He was a family man. He took his wife and kids on tour with Wings. That certainly kept him from getting into trouble with other women/groupies! So sad that he lost Linda. They were soul mates. Her death really devastated him.
The Beatles saved the world from boredom- George Harrison
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