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Originally Posted by Penny Lane
LOL Sorry! I didn't see your earlier post. Paul has always been my favorite. It's hard to decide who was the better singer. They all had different voices. John was better at pure rock and Paul was a better ballad/ love song singer. I really like George's voice too. He had some good songs with The Beatles. Something, Don't Bother Me, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Here Comes The Sun,etc. Ringo? Not so much but as a group they were unbeatable! I always thought that Paul was the best looking. But that's no secret around here!

Ok, you can quit talking to yourself now!

Ok, I thought you were being mad at me for not picking Paul as number one. So I was confused. Sorry, I am a John Lennon fan. I pick him as number one singer and George as best looking, but I do think Paul did look very good at times. Ringo, not so much. And Ringo wasn't a very good singer. He wasn't a very good drummer either.
All in all, my favorite Beatle was John Lennon.
Now you can hate me seeing as how you are a huge Paul fan!
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