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Originally Posted by bonniegirl62
Wow all those pics of Caesar Romero! very handsome.

I loved all the Beatles. To me the ones I found hot were Paul ( loved his eyes, and he is a Gemini and I'm a Gemini too) and George, he was so cute and mild mannered and pretty eyes too! So Paul and George, but not nec. in that order. I think they are both hot, but in different ways. Being a Gemini I have different opinions on a subject! But I loved them both the most in their long haired, bearded hippie stages!

You're my kind of girl! As everybody here knows Paul is and has always been my dream man! I have loved him since 1964. I was 14 when The Beatles first came to the U.S. Here are some of my favorite Paul photo's
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The Beatles saved the world from boredom- George Harrison
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