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Originally Posted by Wawwie
Nobody doesn't want you to post here, silly.
I have some Dean Martin cds too....greatest hits, etc. I love his voice, just don't think he's sexy.
BTW, some of my posts get ignored too. Like when I posted John Ritter or Elvis Presley. I know not everyone is going to like the same men I do. I don't take it personally. Neither should you.
Right. Sorry if you were thinking we were ignoring you bonniegirl. I, myself, just post what I am thinking about at the moment. Nothing personal! And yes, we all have different tastes. I just don't comment on every single post. I think it's interesting to see what others opinions are . I may disagree but I try to keep my opinions to myself. Some really nasty feuds have taken place here in the past . Way back in the early days of Sitcoms Online the most crazy argument going was the Nancy McKeon wars! There were some die hard fans who really got offended if someone bashed her or just plain didn't worship her! So what I'm trying to explain is that sometimes saying nothing is better than expressing one's opinion. So please don't take things so personally and please keep posting!
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