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Originally Posted by shotzette
Not a huge fan of Shirley/Carmine eps; I've always been a Laverne/Lenny fan. That being said, your favorite twosome had some great, chemistry-filled moments.

I'm so glad that I'm no longer the only L&S fan on this board!!
I'm so glad to find someplace where people are actively talking about Laverne and Shirley!

And speaking of chemistry filled moments, another fave S&C scene of mine is in The Robbery-- "You and me? A good time?" "The best time!" Then poor Carmine snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. So close and yet so far. But I loved that Shirley put her long-awaited good time aside to help Laverne and that Carmine was so understanding. That's true friendship right there. I've gotta believe S&C circled back and picked up where they left off sometime that season.
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