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Heart Obsessed: Shirley and Carmine

Okay, as far as L&S love connections go, I've always been a Lavenny shipper. Growing up, Carmine was kind of a goofball I tolerated cause I loved Shirley so much, but he was my least favorite. Now, all grown up-- Carmine is freaking awesome. I am officially a die-hard Shirley and Carmine shipper. They are my L&S OTP. Why? I'll tell ya why. The way he looks at her. It's something I never picked up on as a kid, but holy Toledo, I swoon. And I lovelovelove how Shirley is around/about him. Her jealousy, her sweetness, her imperiled self-restraint, her Carmine shimmy (!!!). Plus they make out great. LOL It's elevated my already massive Shirley love to new heights and I'm enjoying the show on a whole other level.

My most watched episodes of late are Shirley and the Older Man ("I love you, Carmine." OMG *flail*), A Date with Eraserhead ("I'm crazy about you too, Shirl." Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhh) and Playing the Roxy ("Come on, live a little." LOL!!!), among select scenes from others, and there are many. I'm telling you it's a whole bizarre thing for me right now, and I love it! Now please someone tell me I'm not alone in this ship.
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