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Originally Posted by Dr. Thong
I think too, that Fonzie was a cooler character in the first two seasons. He was more subtle and didn't have to shout how great he was to everybody. In fact, in some early episodes, he had very little dialogue and relied more on his presence to project cool.

Because I started watching during the third season, the early episodes seemed different to me. I didn't understand why at the time, but they had a different style and were more subdued, more nuanced.
I didn't see HD until around the third season either at about age 10. At the time, I must say that I loved the show and the Fonz. Like you, whenever I saw an episode from the first 2 seasons, they seemed a little strange. In later years, however, I would see the earlier episodes and think they were great! My favorite "tough-guy" episode from that era was when Fonzie rescued they guys from the gang in the pool room after they stole Potsie's bike. That was classic!
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