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Default Ted (the bear) likes "Gimme A Break!"

If you've seen the movie Ted in theatres, they cut scenes out that are in the un-rated version on the DVD.

There is a scene when Ted goes on Johnny Carson that is cut and put in the un-rated version of the film on the DVD.

Johnny asks Ted "What are your favorite TV shows?" and Ted, as a kid bear, tells Johnny "I like Gimme A Break!" as the scene shifts to that guy who steals him years later (he's a kid in 1985/early 1986, watching his Dad making out with a woman he just married on his couch). This scene happens after Ted becomes famous for being a "Talking Bear".

Ted begins in 1985 in a small town near Boston, and the neighborhood it was filmed in looks a lot like near my hometown, where homes are split level homes like Ted's home at the beginning of the movie.

So, yeah, Ted's a Gimme A Break! fan
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