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I read that article when it came out. I had already read another article last year pertaining to this lawsuit. Note, Henry Winkler is not part of this lawsuit:
Henry Winkler, who played the Fonz on "Happy Days," said he supports his former cast members. "I support them because they are my family and we are as close now as we are then," Winkler told CNN in a phone interview.

Winkler said he was not part of the lawsuit because he had a separate deal and has been paid for the use of his image on merchandising. "We figured out it would be better if I was not part of the lawsuit because I had been paid and that would have muddied the waters for them probably," he said.
AND this same article mentions Erin having lost her home to foreclosure. So, I guess NE were correct in their article. Actually I already knew Erin had lost her home because this article came out last year and mentioned it then:

In 1999, Moran did receive $692 for merchandising after she said she pressed the studio, which was then Paramount Pictures. In a document sent to Moran, Paramount said she was previously paid $8,229 for merchandising, but Moran told CNN she had not received that money.

Moran declined to discuss details of her current financial situation but confirmed that last year, she lost her California home to foreclosure after attempts to work out a loan modification with her bank failed.

"It definitely could have made a difference," Most said. "I would think so, and right now it could really make a difference because (Moran) is going through a bit of a hard time."
So, Erin received $692. Paramount claims they paid Erin over $8,000, something she claims they didn't. So, basically Erin is fighting for $8,000. I wonder how much the attorneys in this case will earn?

I remember when Erin was on Celebrity Fit Club. She surely didn't need to lose weight. I think she was dealing with other issues. I don't know if she may still have are pics from that time she was on that show:
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