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In this case, I do consider the source and the source has gotten it right many, many times. The NE did get the whole John Edwards/Rielle Hunter liason thing right as well as other big time stories. I wouldn't doubt NE didn't get it right this time. Erin Moran is a d-list celeb, and from info that I have read from other credible sources, Erin has not done very well for a long while now. The "flashing boob" info sounds right up Erin's alley. I read about five years ago that Erin did that sort of thing.

I don't expect every single tv actor to have a comfortable life, and like many people who are not earning big money like they did when they were on a hit show, they do have hard times. Perhaps Erin's earnings were squandered or she just didn't invest her money well. Sad to read that she ended up being evicted.
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