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Just Our Luck was T. K. Carter's first starring role in a television series. Richard Gilliland also starred in the series as Keith Burrows, a weatherman. The series was panned by many TV critics after the first episode had aired. There were some complaints of uninteresting writing and unfavourable comparisons to I Dream of Jeannie. The NAACP claimed that a black character being portrayed as a thankful servant as a white male was offensive, and called for a national boycott of ABC until it was taken off the air. By October, Abc had conceded to the demands of the NAACP and allowed the organisation to have creative control of the series. In the show's dialogue, the terms "master" and "servant" were removed, the so-called "jive talk" from Carter's character was restricted, and Actor Leonard Simon was brought into the cast and a few African-American writers were hired. JOL attempted to recover from the bad publicity and a few high-profile guest stars such as Roy Orbison appeared. Due to low ratings, JOL was cancelled after twelve episodes.
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