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The Stars that Twinkle in the Sky
Performed by Warren 'Potsie' Weber

You're the sugar (Sugar),
The sugar in my tea,
You're the icing (Icing),
The icing on my cake,
You're the sunlight (Sunlight)
That shimmers on the sea,
You're the strawberry,
The strawberry in my shake (Shake, shakety shake)

Whenever we're together,
Whatever the weather,
Every day's a fun day,
You're the cherry on top of my ice cream sundae,
Yes, yooooooou!

You're the honey (Honey),
The honey on my toast,
You're the apple (Apple),
The apple in my pie,
You're the gravy (Gravy),
The gravy on my roast,
You're the stars that twinkle in the sky,
The stars that twinkle in the sky
Girls rock so there, boys.
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