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Lightbulb Sneak Peek: 'The Middle' Halloween Episode

The Middle’s Heck family may not be who first pops into mind when it comes to holiday cheer, but they’re bound to do Halloween right, right? After all, it’s just about getting free candy!

In this season’s upcoming special holiday episode, "Halloween II," Sue (Eden Sher) is embarrassed over always wearing childish costumes. She is in high school now, after all, and she’s ready to step it up. But she finds she doesn’t know what that really means, so she goes to someone surprising, and sure to be uncomfortable, for help in how to get noticed by the guys.

Meanwhile, Frankie (Patricia Heaton) reluctantly volunteers to take Brick (Atticus Shaffer)'s socially awkward school social skills group trick-or-treating, which results in her donning a costume, too, and perhaps getting a little bit too involved in the evening. Axl (Charlie McDermott) plans to trick, rather than treat, the neighborhood kids.

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