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Originally Posted by AKA
My folks just had a repairman tell them that it'd cost $600 to fix their mid-2000s Maytag Neptune washer. Since that's about the cost of a new washer, they've decided they're just getting a brand new washer/dryer set.
The salesman at Home Depot told me last week that today's major appliances are built to last about 10 years. I think that's lousy. It's a serious whack in the wallet. Ours was a top-of-the-line Maytag, much like your parent's. It's a stackable washer and dryer. With no kids, it didn't get that continuous use, like it would if we were a family of five. It looks like it belongs on the showroom floor, but the the motor went on it, so *shrug*, a new one it is. Such is life. If that's all I'm complaining about today, I'm doing okay, lol.
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