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My earlobes are stretched to 5/8" (here's a pic of one of my ears to give you an idea of the size), and I buy plugs for them at least a few times a month, now that I've hit the goal size for my ears. I'm staying at 5/8", not going any bigger. ANYWAAAAAAAAAY, I just bought the pair that is on the far right in both pictures (silver satin dichro eyelets... I know, the terms probably went over most of your heads, heh, but you can see they are all colored and all eyelets in this picture!).

And now I'm about to go buy the "The Babysitters Club Movie" DVD off OMFG I was SO EXCITED when that movie came out to theaters originally... I can't believe it's been 16 years now! Sure doesn't feel like it. And it's $6 because of their awesome sale.
Cheers behind the couch!
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