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Originally Posted by Family Ties Forever!
^You're nice is a cutie. What day in July is her birthday? My youngest nephew's birthday is July 8th. He will turn seven this year. My niece who was only four when I joined SO is now 13.
Awww, thanks so much Jen. I love her more and more everyday. Her birthday is actually July 30th. They were going to deliver her on August the first, which would have meant her and her mother would have had the same birthday, but Melissa had plans for her birthday, so she had a c section two days earlier. Next month we have a big birthday party planned for Cyndel. She's going to be so spoiled. lol! I was at my brother's a few days ago, and they already have so many presents for her, and they're not even done shopping yet. Happy early birthday to your nephew. He's lucky to have such a great aunt.
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