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You all must be kidding!!?!? Jason Bateman OWNED the show whenever he was onscreen. I guess I'm the only one who was in love with Jason, but I honestly couldn't have cared less about Ricky Schroder when the show was on the air (I was also in love with Eddie Haskell watching 'Leave it to Beaver' reruns, so I'll admit I was a twisted kid). I found Ricky mildly amusing at times, but I basically just spent the first 2 seasons white-knuckling it between Bateman's appearances (and quickly lost interest after he left). I remember sticking around for a while during season 3, but after it became obvious that not only Jason Bateman, but also Bobby Fite (the other big love of my pre-teen life) wasn't coming back, I was done. Nothing against Ricky Schroder and Alfonso Ribeiro, but they just couldn't hold a candle to Jason Bateman and Bobby Fite as far as I was concerned.

I did follow Jason over to 'It's Your Move', and I remember liking the show, but I also distinctly remember sometime midway through that season he hit a growth spurt and suddenly went from looking 12 to 16 within the span of one year (to an 11/12 year old like me that was just the ultimate betrayal). I hadn't outgrown him, but he had obviously outgrown me, and things were never the same for me after that. I was too young to follow the industry "rumors" about how/why Bateman had left 'Spoons', but looking back on it now, I would guess the creators/producers probably realized they had another "star" on their hands, and just decided to double their ad-revenue by splitting Schroder and Bateman into two separate series.

Anyway, here's a better copy of the same pic and another from the same photo-shoot. I don't even remember where I found these, but I think these are the only two photos I've ever seen of Bateman during his years on the show.
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