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Empty Nest marathon episodes airing on Hallmark:

Saturday, February 26
6:00am/5:00pm/4:00am #001 "Pilot"
Widowed doctor Harry Weston commiserates with his daughters, Barbara, a cop and Carol, a divorcée, over the single life.
6:30am/5:30pm/4:30am #002 "The Check Isn't in the Mail"
When Carol's hopes are raised for a reconciliation with her ex-husband, Harry fears a repeat of her painful past.
7:00am/6:00pm/5:00am #003 "Barbara Gets Shot"
Harry tries to get Barbara into a safer line of work when she's shot in the line of duty.
7:30am/6:30pm/5:30am #004 "Fatal Attraction"
Carol is afraid Harry's going to die, and Blanche (Rue McClanahan) is afraid he'll die before marrying her.
8:00am/7:00pm #005 "Father of the Bride"
Harry's elated when Barbara announces that she's going to tie the knot with a surgeon.
8:30am/7:30pm #006 "Harry's Vacation"
Harry, convinced he's a burden to his children, accepts their gift of a trip to the Bahamas, but refuses to not worry and be happy.
9:00 am/8:00pm #007 "Tinker to Evers to Tucson"
Laverne's baseball-playing husband is traded, and Harry goes to bat to keep her; Charley's flu has him recuperating in Harry's dugout.
9:30am/8:30pm #008 "What's a Father to Do"
Able to be in only one place at a time, Harry faces a dilemma when he must decide which of his daughters' important events to attend.
10:00am/9:00pm #009 "Harry's Friend"
Harry's having a ball since his old pal moved to Miami---and so is Carol, who's dating him. Meanwhile, Harry treats a 9-year-old hypochondriac.
10:30am/9:30pm #010 "Libby's Gift"
With his wedding anniversary approaching, Harry is determined to play the organ his wife ordered before she died.
11:00am/10:00pm #011 The First Time...Again"
Harry's anxious about his first physical encounter since his wife's death when a woman invites him for the weekend.
11:30am/10:30pm #012 "Full Nest"
When Barbara moves back home, Harry reverts to being a disapproving, rule-making father despite his promises to the contrary.
12 Noon/11:00pm #014 "Here's a Howdy-Do"
Harry could be getting serious with a new woman, but everyone has doubts about the relationship, except Carol.
12:30pm/11:30pm #015 "Strange Bedfellows"
Carol falls for a man who's dedicated to political protest, while Harry's young patient falls for Laverne. Meanwhile, neighbor Rose (Betty White) drops in.
1:00pm/12:00am #013 "Tears of a Clown"
Harry does a high-wire act recommending Carol for a hospital PR job, but there's no safety net when she ticks off the resident clown."
1:30pm/12:30am #016 "Blame It on the Moon"
A full moon means amore for Barbara as she nabs a familiar suspect; Harry argues with a young doctor; Carol loses Dreyfuss and finds a man.
2:00pm/1:00am #017 "Dumped"
When Dorothy's nephew breaks up with Barbara, Carol gives her lessons in life as a ""dumpee,"" while Harry and Dorothy's (Bea Arthur) friendship could be in the dumper.
2:30pm/1:30am #018 "The More Things Change"
Harry balks when the new owners of the medical center want him to change offices; Carol tries to right an old wrong.
3:00pm/2:00am #019 "Man of the Year"
Harry hopes elations with his father will improve when he arrives for a banquet in Harry's honor.
3:30pm/2:30am #022 "Cyrano de Weston"
Harry plays Cyrano for Charley and succeeds in capturing the heart of the intended, who's being ignored by her own boyfriend, Harry.
4:00pm/3:00am #020 "My Sister, My Friend"
Harry offers to take Carol and Barbara with him to a convention in Paris, but only if they can say au revoir to their constant bickering.
4:30pm/3:30am #021 "A Life in the Day"
Harry's patients include a kid (Billy O'Sullivan) infected with cooties; a boy (Michael Lee Owen) with juvenile diabetes; a teen (Stephen Dorff) with a drug problem; and a ""graduate"" (Matthew Perry) of the practice.
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