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Performed by Warren 'Potsie' Weber

Catman's a-coming you better look out,
Catman's a-coming running about,
Catman's a-coming looking for a girl,
You better hide your sister, man!

C is for the crazy hair-do that he wears around,
A is for the arms that he'll sneak around your waist,
T is for the taste of the lips belong to you,
Catman, CATMAN! (Yeah, get it, go!)

M is for the mean things that this mean man does,
A is for a-lot-of-hearts that he has ever broke,
N is for the names of the list you may be on,
Catman, CATMAN! (Rock!)

Catman a-looking for a woman all day long,
A-better watch out 'cause of heels in the mist,
A-better watch out or you're a-gonna be kissed,
A-better watch out 'cause of heels in the mist,
Catman, CATMAN! (Yeah!)

A-better watch out ‘cause I'm the catman

Girls rock so there, boys.
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