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Default Lisa Rinna to exit "Chick Chat"

It was less than a month ago that GEN-TV realunched a struggling talk show starring Lisa Rinna into the successful phenom that is now "Chick Chat"; and with the show firmly entrenched in the top 3 programs on daytime tv, the network has decided to cut all ties with that old show. They have announced that they are dropping Lisa Rinna from the program totally, effective immeditely. Bridget Klien says "Lisa Rinna will no longer appear on Chick Chat and has appeared for the final time". No immedite reason was given for this sudden change, but rumors are swirling that Lisa had always been informed that her time on the show would be short-lived and that she was merely meant as a way of transitioning over from her old show. "It was made clear from day one that Joan Rivers would be the head moderator of the show and that Lisa was only a temporary presence on the show" says another insider.
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