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Originally Posted by Retro4Life
I guess I'd respect Bridges more if he hadn't included all that stuff about Plato.

I am totally against levelling charges against dead people, since they are no longer around to give their side of the story. It's indecent and unfair. And as others have said, it smacks of abrogating his own responsibility for what happened in his life.
I can understand that. I like Dana. I always have. She was messed up though. All 3 of them were. If it happened then it happened. It doesn't really make me think less of her. I haven't read the book or anything so I don't know how hard he came down on her but if he's just being honest then I have no problem with it. If he's really going after her then I would. I think Dana's life was a real tagedy. DS gave a lot of happy moments to so many people. It's just too bad that the kids on that show didn't share that many.
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