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Originally Posted by mozartpc27
What they really should do is let it die a dignified death. I'm going to go ahead and guess (and this is just a guess) that what happened here is that SpikeTV lost money on the UM venture (hardly a surprise, considering they haven't even bother to air it much and, when they do, it is often at 3 in the morning). Perhaps SpikeTV then went out and tried to "sublet" the show to other stations in an effort to recoup some of its money, or perhaps Lifetime approached them, but either way I am sure SpikeTV jumped on it because for them it is a dead property, a straight loss. I am sure they could sell the ads that run during the show at the same price they sell them now by running literally ANYTHING else - for example, if SpikeTV went to advertisers trying to sell commercial time for otherwise dead air, I'll bet the price they could charge per ad for that wouldn't be signficantly different from what they get per ad while these re-configured Unsolved Mysteries are running. The decision to sink any money into Unsolved Mysteries has been, in other words, an unmitigated disaster, and I am sure they would have happily optioned their rights to the show to a network like Lifetime for little more than a few hundred thousand dollars, maybe less than that even.

A broader question might be: why does SpikeTV even still exist at this point? It more or less is the "CSI" channel. Of all the channels on cable at this point, I think it has the biggest questions about its raison d'etre. Wouldn't surprise me at all if it just disappeared before the end of the decade.

I couldn't agree more with this post. Unfortunately, with the reconfigured UM train wreck, the show will never be able to die a dignified death. UM had its own brand of magic that was only destined to last a few short years. There is no way to recapture something so special. Any attempts to do so will only result in a further-embarrassing disaster. It was ridiculous to "update" the show with nonthreatening narration and Google Earth-type maps, only to cut to someone with a permed mullet and oversized Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.

CM should release everything on DVD and get it over with. Extra DVD features could be produced with taste or without. It's entirely up to CM to get it right. Bring back as much of the old staff as possible to ensure that the series gets a proper 21st century repackaging with full respect given to the original airings. Also, you'd have to wonder if there are a handful of segments which never escaped the cutting room floor. The inclusion of that material would be nice, too.
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