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Nodsmiley Jason Bateman Became the Shining Star of 'Silver Spoons'

Now, being as fair as possible, Jason Bateman was a better actor than Ricky Schroder. Heck, Jason Bateman was an extremely strong young actor, period. He was what you would call a “scene stealer.”

So when Bateman was written off the show after two seasons, the rumor began that it was because Schroder hated being upstaged by Bateman. In fact, one rumor was that Schroder’s mother specifically requested Bateman’s removal.

Now, honestly, I couldn’t tell you for sure that Schroder WASN’T irritated by Bateman’s presence. The character of Derek HAD gotten quite popular, and Derek definitely WAS the sort of character who stood out, which presumably WOULD irritate the supposed lead teen actor on the show.

However, I think there are two notable points that would tend towards this theory not being correct - one a bit anecdotal, the other a bit more substantive.

The first, more anecdotal, evidence is the fact that Ricky Schroder was clearly more popular than Jason Bateman during the show’s first two seasons. Besides both appearing in NBC “One to Grow On” public service announcements, Bateman did basically ZERO public appearances during his first two seasons on the show. Schroder, on the other hand, in that same time appeared on Star Search, Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roast, Family Feud, Circus of the Stars, he NBC All Star Hour and the Battle of the Network Stars. Not to mention magazine covers and merchandise.

So that’s the anecdotal evidence - Schroder really wasn’t in any danger of being eclipsed by Bateman in the popularity department during their two seasons together.

Now as to the more substantial bit - the producers of Silver Spoons GAVE BATEMAN HIS OWN SHOW!!!

It’s Your Move debuted in the fall of 1984 and ran for a season and starred Bateman as a young con artist living with a sister and a single mother who seemed to meet his match when a journalist (played by David Garrison, who would go on to co-star in another show by the same producers, Married…With Children) moved in across the hall and began dating his mother (and who seemed to be on to all of Bateman’s character’s schemes).
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