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Me-TV in Chicago will air a tribute to Rue McClanahan on Sunday, June 6th by showing episodes of "Maude" from 4pm to 7pm.

Episodes/Times follow below:

4:00pm The Perfect Marriage

Maude is convinced that her best friend, Vivian has the "perfect marriage" so she is completely stunned when Vivian announces plans for a divorce. This leads Maude to analyze her supposed "perfect marriage".

4:30pm The Love Birds

Arthur and Vivian have been dating regularly and Vivian has had it with Arthur's constant mentioning of his late wife, Agnes. This leads to yet another argument between Maude and Walter over her late husband, Albert. However, by the end of the evening, Vivian makes an exciting announcement, Arthur and her are engaged.

5:00pm Stitch in Time, Pt I

At age 47 and recently divorced, Vivian begins her single career (a.k.a. husband search) by getting a face-lift; her new face receives plenty of cheers from Carol and Walter, but only jeers from Maude. This leads Vivian to state the obvious, Maude is jealous and would like a face-lift herself. Maude finally decides to have one and intends to keep it a secret from Walter until she has it done.

5:30pm Stitch in Time, Pt II

Carol does her best to try to keep Walter in the house as anticipation mounts for Maude's return from a 3-week stay in Boston. For which, following Vivian's lead, Maude too got a face-lift. There is only one problem: Walter doesn't notice the difference! As usual, all hell breaks loose and Walter and Maude have yet another argument.

6:00pm The Kiss

Maude becomes concerned when Walter begins smoking a pipe and wearing high heeled shoes. She suggests that perhaps he's going through male menopause. However, what really concerns both her and Arthur is when they catch Vivian and Walter sharing a kiss. This obviously leads to yet more marital strife between the Findlays and the Harmons.

6:30pm The Cabin

When Vivian and Arthur get into a sudden romantic mood which leads to Arthur inviting Vivian away on a romantic weekend to a cabin, Maude becomes unsure of her marriage with Walter. Trying to put the spark back in her marriage, Maude plans a romantic weekend but the situation turns out to be less than ideal.
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