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Originally Posted by Janice
That's great Michael. Congrats! You're really knocking it out of the park. I have such a phobia for numbers. I'm proud of myself for doing our taxes last week, using Turbo Tax. It's easy with so many checkpoints that make it almost impossile to screw up. We usually pay H&R Block $250, so paying $70 was great; as was getting $1,000 back. I'm sorry I made this about me. What I meant to say was that I really appreciate your success because I'm so bad with anything even resembling numbers.
Thanks, Janice! That's great that you were able to do it yourself and save so much money. When I took a tax class last year we used a similar program to calculate the returns for various organizations (corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships), and it made it really simple.

The presentation we had to do was to go to an actual organization and present to them a new paid time off policy. It was nerve-wracking, but it ended up going well.
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