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I have a walk-in closet that's been overloaded with clothes, shoes, coats, etc. The majority of it was my corporate wardrobe. Dress and pant suits, dresses, shoes in every style and color, scarves, about 20 blazers, on and on. These clothes are classic, and never go out of style. I finally realized that era of my life was over, and I'm never going to work again.

This past week, I got rid of about 3/4 of my wardrobe, and I have three trash bags filled. There's a charity that gives business clothes to woman who are starting over in life and are either entering or re-entering the workplace. Many of these women have been abused.

To reward myself, I bought a load of new casual clothes for myself. Five pairs of casual shoes, a ton of cool PJs and slippers, casual tops, shorts and pants. Mostly online shopping.
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