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Originally Posted by b&tcfan
I also wonder if they'll also give Bewitched some weekend exposure. With most of the weekends being PRIME now, I wonder if Bewitched may replace Brady Bunch/Little House on late Sunday nights? I know that would be weird in that it would remove those shows from the schedule, but hey- that's TV Land for you sometimes.

I don't see Boston Legal working either. It doesn't really fit with the PRIME line-up of MWC, HI, and Roseanne. I especially don't see that Sunday afternoon block working out-I really think Bonanza and more hours of Andy will be back!

I'm real surprised this week that they are doing the HI launch from 8pm - 11pm instead of 9pm - 12am with Andy as a lead-in at 8pm instead of S&S at 7pm. I kind of see AITF and S&S making their way back to mornings exclusively at some point as I think the PRIME shows will begin to bleed into at least the 7pm/8pm hours.
Yes, exactly, the weekends with BL won't last long. The westerns will be back, I'm sure.
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