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Thumbs down Gary Coleman Rips Apart New Movie in Press Junket with Director Standing There

Gary Coleman limped into the lobby of the DirecTV Tribeca Center in green Crocs and jeans, looking unusually thin and noticeably weary from a day of publicity. A publicist had explained earlier that due to a pulled groin, the interview would have to take place on the ground floor of the building, as Coleman was in too much pain to walk up the stairs.

What happened?

"I was driving my wife's car and I just starting limping when I got out of it one day. I pulled my hamstring and my groin muscle at the same time. I was beached for like five days. My hamstring just healed."

His wife would be Shannon Price, 23, the pleasant redhead milling in the background. They live in Utah County, Utah together, are visibly in love, and their mortgage is, according to Coleman, what has driven him, now 41, to star in Midgets vs. Mascots.

"If they weren't paying me, you wouldn't be talking to me," Coleman proclaims, motioning at director Ron Carlson and adding, "He is very proud of the film, and I don't know why.

"I have very little good to say about the movie because it's just so offensive. But I'm sure if you're a fan of Borat, you'll like this movie. But I have never liked the word midget."

Coleman describes Borat as "ridiculous, offensive and pointless."

Earlier this month Page Six quoted Coleman as saying he wanted "to bash my fists right in my agent's face" for booking him this job.
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