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Well, what are you going to do? Reality is where the money is and I bet the pay is good. Directing a reality show on former teen idols called Confessions of A Teen Idol? Sure. Money in the bag and a huge check in the other. He is not hurting financially. He has money. Renee is so glad that she threw that 50s party just for Bailey. Gee, what is Bailey going to remember you as Charles or Chachi? Take a pick, Scott. It's not that hard. And your cast members are now thinking that you abandoned them all of a sudden. Come on. Have a heart and lower the ego, Scott. While I think the Bailey Baio Foundation is a wonderful idea, created by his wife, I still think you have to make amends at least. I mean, how is Bailey going to remember you as? Charles? You have to decide fast. She'll become a growing girl with an interest in acting soon...and you quoted that you don't your own daughter taking acting? Then why do you bring your own child to the spotlight. Opinionated, optimistic, individual you are.
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