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Originally Posted by robyrob
I knew about all of those things, but i am pretty sure I've seen that special before

it was after the Fonzie character exploded in popularity that they started to think about changing the name of the show

Ron Howard AND Henry Winkler threatened to quit if they changed the name

Ron Howard had plenty of success before Happy Days and by the point that Henry was a superstar, Ron was looking towards a directing career

The Local ABC station in Dallas took the show off the air after the first commercial because in the first ep Fonzie Shows Richie how to take a girl's bra off - which was ridiculously stupid because it was hooked onto the radiator in the boys bathroom - egads! they showed a naked radiator TOPLESS! on national television!

the bit about Scott Baio's ego I knew about, and is what makes what happened with Joanie Loves Chachi even more ironic

Erin Moran accused a Happy Days Cast Member of Sexual Harassment when she was 14 - I have heard about this from many different sources, but I have never heard any more details about it - who it was, what really happened, I have heard that it wasn't true, but who knows? You would think that if it were really true she would NEVER agree to participate in any of the reunions...
She didn't participate in the 1992 reunion show. In fact, when this was pointed out, a reference was made to this allegation. But I believe Erin was in a bad marriage at the time and had her own issues to deal with.

And you just couldn't show a naked radiator back in those days. In fact, I believe it wasn't until the nineties that you could do so. Naked radiators were very controversial in those days. It was a hot-button issue.

And Scott Baio should have been on his knees, thanking God that he was even on a TV show. I wished Chachi had attempted the shark jump...and failed.
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