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Default Watching the Truth Behind Happy Days and wanted to post some Facts some of you may

Not Know. Watching a DVD right now and here are some interesting facts about the Show behind the scenes

Fred Silverman wanted to change the name of the Show to "Fonzie's Happy Days"

Ron Howard threaten to quit if the name of the show was changed

Ron Howard stated he was never jealous of Henry Winkler's Success

The Local ABC station in Dallas took the show off the air after the first commercial because in the first ep Fonzie Shows Richie how to take a girl Brawl Off

The Producers wanted to REDUCE Scott Baio's role on the show when his EGO became to big on the set.

Henry Winkler was very scared of riding the Motorcycle

Other Cast Members were jealous of the Salary of Ron Howard and Henry Winkler

Erin Moran accused a Happy Days Cast Member of Sexual Harassment when she was 14
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