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Not news, but I have some reviews of some of the season premieres. I have watched so far the season premieres of Ugly Betty (first three actually), Desperate Housewives (first two actually), Pushing Daisis, Brothers & Sisters, Private Practice, Samantha Who, Dirty Sexy Money and the two-hour premiere of Grey's Anatomy.
I have the next two Pushing Daisies and the premiere of Life on Mars, but need to watch still. Unfortunately they only sent the second episode of Eli Stone for review (airing 10/21), and I don't want to watch that until I see the first one airing (10/14). Here are my reviews of the ones I have seen so far:

Ugly Betty (9/25/08) - A month has passed and Betty has made her choice. When she returns, she finds out what happened to Mode and Daniel. Meanwhile, Betty's dad is now working at a local hamburger place...where Betty's high school bully Kimberly (Lindsay Lohan) is the manager. Very fun scenes with Betty and Kimberly. And Hilda's romance with Coach Diaz continues, despite his marriage. Without giving anything away, the premiere is funny and it's a fresh start with lots of changes. The move to New York in production has paid off!
(10/2/08) - The second episode is MUCH better! It has comedy, drama, and a shocking ending that is a big-time cliffhanger in the vein of "Who Shot J.R.?" No Lohan in this episode, that was the only disappointment. Lots of plot Daniel out of Player Magazine now? Is Betty with Willhelmina now? Willie shines in this episode and is her evil self!
(10/9/08) - The third episode concludes where we left off from the last episode with the shocking ending. And the good news is you'll find out who did it in this episode and why they did it. Meanwhile, Hilda's romance with Coach Diaz continues as both Betty and Ignacio find out he is a married man and don't approve. No Lohan again, but I know she signed on for 5-6 episodes, so she will soon be on.

Grey's Anatomy (9/25/08) - the premiere is fantastic. It also has change. It seems many ABC shows this fall has changes, and it is for the good. A freak fall ice storm has hit Seattle and Seattle Grace Hospital has moved out of the top 5 in the rankings of best teaching skills. Chief Webber has to make changes and decisions to get the hospital back to its credibilty. Making quite the entrance in this episode is the very talented Kevin McKidd, who plays General Hunt, a doctor in the military. He has excellent scenes with Cristina. There are a few dream sequences, some shocking and some touching. I won't give it away, but the keyword is icicle. It's a premiere you will want to watch for sure.

Desperate Housewives (9/28/08) - WOW! Excellent episode and the beginning and ending is very shocking and is'll know what I mean when you watch. Edie's back and has a new husband and we see a bit of his past and at the end of the episode you'll see a glimpse on why he wanted to move to Wisteria Lane. Some great funny lines...Edie to Gaby, Susan to Edie, and the funniest one was with Edie to Mrs. McCluskey..I won't give it away but I cannot believe she said that to poor Mrs. M! The five-year leap looks to be off to a good and fresh start!
2nd episode (10/5/08): I have watched the second episode of the season airing on 10/5/08, as well. It is more lighter than the first, and not as good, but still delivers. The McCluskey and Edie's new husband mystery thickens, while Gaby is up to her old tricks and all of the men in Susan's life hilariously meet. Why is Dave (Edie's husband) in love with Wisteria Lane? We shall find out!

Brothers & Sisters (9/28/08) - The season premiere delivers the Walker family drama and comedy as usual. All the Walkers get together (how it happens is hysterical) at a Laguana Beach house. The house is Kevin's boss' house and his boss is very proud of Kevin's latest work...however something bad will come Kevin's way in terms of Ojai. Let's just say Tommy and Kevin might be at arms with each other. The romance between Justin and Rebecca continues, and sort of gets out in the open (you'll see). And Sarah writes (or doe she?) an ad for the Walker family so Kitty can adopt. Very good episode but more dramatic than funny.

Pushing Daisies (10/1/08) - It leaves off where it left off...charming, funny, and delicious. Plot revolves around a bee murder case. Not the best episode, but very solid. Olive's storyline turns for a big change and we get yet another secret from one of the aunts. Will these secrets come out? We shall see....but this is certainly a 'B' episode. I have the next two episodes and will watch soon and let you know...I hear great things though.
2nd episode (10/8/08) - The second one revolves around a circus crime. A girl goes missing and her mother wants her to be found. Olive's new storyline continues...and Chuck's aunts are popping up at the Piehole all the time keeping Chuck on alert. A good episode and on par with the first one of this year.
UPDATE 3rd episode (10/15/08) - Coming Tuesday...

Private Practice (10/1/08) - Oh my goodness...this is the best episode by far yet. The show picks-up right where it left off (maybe a week or two later, though). The two medical stories were very good and dealth with ethics in medical practice. Also, the personal stories were on target and didn't feel like everything was about one thing. And the shocker at the end will make you want to watch the next episode right away!

Dirty Sexy Money (10/1/08) - We leave off six months where we last saw the Darlings. The season premiere is AWESOME!! It is dirtier and sexier than last season...with lots of sex, stripping, and scandals. Will Lisa cheat on Nick with Jeremy Darling? Will Nick cheat on Lisa with Karen Darling? What will happen to the relationship between Karen and Simon Elder? And who is the mystery woman (Lucy Liu) with Jeremy at the bar? All that will be explored a bit...but those are all side stories compared to the shocking death and shocking ending where a Darling gets arrested for the murder of Dutch (Nick's dad). Great premiere!

UPDATE: Life on Mars (10/9/08) - This was an excellent premiere. It feels like Lost the cop show. Why did Sam Tyler come to 193 is an interesting story to show. This was clearly the best pilot episode of the new season. A must watch. Lisa Bonet is great! Fans of the '70s will love the scenery and music...I cannot wait to see the next episode!

Samantha Who (10/13/08) - Funny season premiere that is "dancing" themed. Applegate is brilliant and I loved her dancing scene in her apartment...she is nude! Cybill Shepherd guest stars as a rival to Mrs. Newly. Mark Ballas of Dancing with the Stars has a cameo at the end in the ballroom dance competition. Basically Samantha used to be a killer dancer...but now well, she isn't. She and her mom wants to join forces in a ballroom competition against Ballas and Shepherd.

UPDATE: Eli Stone (10/14/08) - Wow! Eli's back and the premiere is's been six months since the surgery. A great "Dancing in the Street" number is done at the start of the premiere. Has Eli's anuerysm gone away? Does he still get visions? Eli's brother Nate will play a big part in the premiere...but I can't give away what happens. Sigourney Weaver guest stars as Eli's therapist...or is she a therapist? You'll see what I mean when you see it. Jordan is stuck in a bank where a crain collapses. Can Eli save Jordan through "a vision?" Taylor is a bitch in the premiere and looks like her relationship with Matt Dowd has gone way farther then we last saw. Have faith in Eli Stone!
2nd episode (10/21/08) - This show is hitting all cylinders! Katie Holmes guest stars in this episode as a lawyer who has many things in common as Eli. We find out a lot in this episode that I can't reveal. But it looks like Jordan is inspired by Eli...much to the dismay of his partners. We also have Gina Torres and Katey Sagal in this episode. Holmes is charming and funny. I think we'll see her return...
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