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Originally Posted by Smartboy
Bringing this thread to the top is really just one more attempt to stiumlate some more conversation about this fine series! I too would love to see more seasons come out on DVD, but I have pretty much bleed dry what I can think of to say about them. Two episodes that I have posted quite a bit about are "Samantha's Protest" and the one in which Andy Gibb appears. However, nobody, so far, has seemed too interested in responding to my messages about any of these realities. Maybe, if more people could get aquaited with these episode, they would have more to say about them. Take care for now!
I love the Andy Gibb episode. Julie's friends in that episode are so catty but so funny. But my favorite episode from Season 3 is hands-down the New York 2-parter. I have loved that episode since I was a little kid watching on my grandparents' old console tv. The part where Nell asks the guy for a light and then a cigarette, puffs and then stomps it out and walks away is hysterical.
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